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Here are some of Lynne’s favourite and recommended Links, in no particular order, except for starting with her own:

Lynnne’s Original Music: this site

Lynne’s Teaching:

Lynne’s Concerts:
Solo Piano Bar Style Entertainment playing Covers


Solo Acoustic Guitar and Voice playing Originals

Steve Arie’s beaut new CD “
Thanks Steve, such GREAT music!

Bookings Direct: for your next function.
Free to use and book the artist direct, no ‘middleperson’.
Thanks Bookings Direct.

Sea Eagle Cam:
Divine magestic winged Sydney residents, uplifting beyond words, but sometimes tragic too. Definitely worth it though. Thanks to Michael for telling Lynne about it.
Thanks Sea-Eagle Cam.

University of NSW: where Lynne taught her
“Singing For Everyone” Creative Development Course for many years.
Thanks UNSW and all the wonderful participants.

University of Southern Queensland: where Lynne attained her Bachelor of Arts Degree via Distance Education.
Thanks USQ.

University of Sydney: where Lynne sat exams for her Bachelor of Arts Degree.
Thanks USYD.

Central Queensland University: where Lynne attained her Master of Letters Degree via Distance Education.
Thanks CQU.

Western Sydney University: where Lynne began her PhD in Music Composition, but withdrew when she realised the goals of the University were not in tune with her own. She did adore the time spent though, especially the Study of Ethics.
Thanks WSU.